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Hat-Tac (wall holder)

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This stick anywhere, wall display hat hanger mounts straight to your wall or door and displays your hats perfectly. (Can fit up to 3 hats comfortably)

Its unique curved design grips your cap from the snapback closure or the rear sweatband and ensures that the force is dispersed over the whole hat rather than a single point.

This ensures the damage is minimized and your hat looks just like it did the day you got it.

Your hats will thank you, so give them a home!

Design Type: Trademark HT HAT-TAC
Made 100% in the U.S.A.
Stick anywhere
Proprietary damage-free foam adhesive
Patented & Trademarked
100% Eco-conscious recycled regrind plastic
H.W.D : 45.51 x 97 x 50 mm